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Beautifully designed and properly thought out landscaping is essential for any home, old or new. It can be an eye catcher, a new talking point or even something to make your neighbours and friend envious if done correctly. Something so important to showing off your home should definitely be considered for every home owner, but where do you turn to if you require such a service? 

If you are searching for landscaping professionals in Newcastle then look no further! You will be pleased to know that we offer the comprehensive service  you need at prices you can afford. Landscaping, paving, erecting and repairing retaining walls, and even garden maintenance are just a phone call away.

Our expert team has spent years learning all the tricks of the trade to become the best in the business. There’s really no need to go through the pain of trying to revitalise your garden all by yourself when we have all the tools and the knowhow behind us to provide an amazing service.

Don’t let your landscape fall into disarray. Although we would like to make time for lawn care, gardening, and developing our landscapes, most homeowners rarely have the time to get the job done right. For the small expense of a professional, let landscape designer Newcastle take all the worry away and provide a top of the line service.

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Why Hire A Landscape Design Newcastle Team?

YEars of experience

Our professionals bring years of experience and hundreds of jobs to the table when it comes to a landscaping job. This gives the them the ability to provide and exceptional service every time.

A superior service at an affordable price

We don’t charge and arm and a leg like some of our competitors. A highlight of working with us is the ability to deliver an amazing service that won’t break the bank.

This Is Why

You Should Choose Us

If you are in need of landscape design Newcastle services, you should always consult with landscaping Newcastle.  Not only do We seek out the best sources for materials and pass on their high-volume discounts to our customers when they need large areas worked on. Our team also Has a full and comprehensive knowledge of the local flora and fauna, soil composition, weather, frost line, and other issues that are unique to our area.

The secret to obtaining expertise in landscaping Newcastle NSW is dedication. Only the most dedicated landscapers Newcastle make it their duty to keep abreast of all the latest tools, techniques, materials, and trends in the landscaping business. This is something we pride ourselves on and will not only exceed your expectations, but blow them out of the water. Give us a call to see just what we can do for you!


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Our Services

We have a variety of services made to cover any and all of your landscaping needs. Whether you are looking for a paving service, patios Newcastle, installation of a retaining walls Newcastle, hardscaping or just general lawn maintenance we have you covered.  No need to find numerous business to do each certain job, we have everything that you need all under the one roof. Each job is carried out with the upmost of care to ensure that you are getting the highest level of service every single time. Your customer satisfaction is our number one priority and if you’re not happy then we aren’t either.


  • Garden Maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Paving
  • Retaining Walls

If you’re wanting to take your home to the next level, proper and professional garden maintenance is essential. A well-manicured garden can play a significant role in your overall home and lifestyle enjoyment. It can improve the overall look of your property at the same time. Many homeowners tend to overlook or underestimate the importance of garden maintenance.

There are a number of different tasks that our landscapers undertake when showing some extra TLC to your garden. These tasks include but are not limited to: weeding, planting, mowing, whipper sniping mulching, fertilising and pruning. Every service is catered to your specific yard needs. We focus on what’s going to work best for you and provide the most value. A Our experts love to go up and beyond for our clients! Each garden maintenance service we carry is delivered to an extremely high standard to ensure the best possible result.

Whether you don’t have the professional skills required or maybe you’re just short on time, Landscaping Newcastle has you covered! We offer a variety of different solutions to ensure your home is looking its best each and every day.

Everything is taken into consideration when our team designs your project. From the area, the terrain, the climate, water runoff, water capture and even temperature. Certain plants don’t thrive in Newcastle and we understand that, so we don’t incorporate them into our designs. Instead, we will provide plenty of other options that will work with just as much colour and flare.

Our landscape designer Newcastle team have realised that there is no one size fits all when it comes to landscaping, this is why we don’t create cookie cutter designs. Each project is treated differently and is built specifically for that property. From going the extra mile by paying attention to special details that over companies may overlook to sorting out the most competitive price, our goal is to add value and prestige to your property by giving it that wow factor.

Landscaping Newcastle prides itself on its ability to create gorgeous designs for any and all of our clients. We understand that each job is different. No matter what the size or scale of the project is our team is more then capable of delivering and incredible result. With our years of experience and extensive knowledge it really is a no brainer to use our Newcastle landscapers.

Paving  and patios Newcastle is an extremely valuable and important aspect of any landscape. Not only do they provide a wonderful aesthetic appeal if planned and executed correctly, paving also provides additional benefits that you may not have thought of besides general appearance.

Surfaces that have been paved are provided with an added protection from the different elements associated with being outdoors Such as wind and Rain. Areas that receive excess amounts of traffic can also be heavily impacted if correct paving has not been laid out. For an inexperienced person, getting the job done right without breaking the bank account can be a real challenge. This is where our team comes through with our paving service.

Our team can create a customised plan for you and your space that is guaranteed to bring that wow factor. All of our landscapers are professionals in their craft and won’t hesitate to go up and beyond for your next paving Newcastle service. There’s no better time to revitalise your outdoor space then today! Give our team a call and we can begin the process of delivering to you a garden and outdoor area you deserve.

Retaining walls are becoming more and more popular not only because they look amazing, they also provide a pinnacle role in decreasing the chance of soil erosion and provide significant structural support. In addition to the above benefits, they can transform a landscape completely from average to incredible.

Retaining walls can be made from a number of different materials and used in a variety of ways. Here at Landscaping Newcastle we understand this and can provide an amazing looking retaining wall service at a competitive price. Each retaining wall we make is designed to blend in perfectly with the landscaping you already have. Why would you want one that stand out like a sore thumb? Over the years our landscapers have perfected our craft which give us the ability to produce amazing designs for every garden.

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​When you need experience, dedication, and professional service that you can trust, give us a call. We are eager to help you build your home into a palace and strive to come in on time and budget with any project. We are dedicated to customer retention and guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Our expertise with the landscape design Newcastle and local region makes us a prime choice for any of your landscaping needs. Quite simply, we know what works and have the resources to build your dreams into reality. Most of all, we know how to maintain your property as if it were our own. This is why you will see lush gardens, green lawns, and perfectly trimmed hedges at the homes of our customers. Give us a call on 0291596774 and see what we can do for you!

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